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Ecological conference of miners as a contribution to the development of conservancy of nature

Ecological conference of miners as a contribution to the development of conservancy of nature

Rector of Ural State University of Mining Nikolay Kosarev accents that four department of university specialize in ecology.

«Our University prepares professionals who ensure that we breathe clean air, drink clean water, live in safe areas. This year has been declared the Year of ecology in Russia, but vital questions should be our constant concern. With such an appeal addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin. And our annual conference devoted to environmental issues, is the task. »

The themes of the round tables had raised the prospect of using e-learning in the educational process and problems of geology in the world today. Multi-site discussion is currently being developed by the international master programme MINERAL (project Erasmus + upgrade geological education in Russian and Vietnamese universities ")

With a salutatory word to participants of conference were welcomed by the adviser of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region, ataman of the Orenburg army Cossack society Vladimir Romanov, stressing that the fruitful work of the participants of the conference will be a common contribution to the further development of nature protection in the country.


Vladimir Cheglokov, the chief of interregional Department of mining supervision of the Ural Department of Rostechnadzor takes part in the work of conference.

The first contributor on the conference was professor of Bergakademie Freiberg Drebenstedt Carsten. He told how in Germany fight with landslides, dangerous geological phenomena. Large displacement of earth masses connected with the influence of groundwater and surface water and other factors, has negative environmental consequences and damages the economic activities of man. Scientists from all over the world work out technologies of administration these process.


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